Bankruptcy is not suitable as a do-it-yourself proposition. The bankruptcy laws have a lot of complex technicalities which explains why you need a skilled legal expert to guide you in a personal bankruptcy in Milwaukee or in any other localities in Wisconsin. Here are a few things to keep in mind in an initial consultation with a Wisconsin bankruptcy lawyer.

Fully disclose all financial issues. Don’t hold back. As we discussed in previous blog entries, concealing any financial information is against the law. It can also result in a dismissal of the bankruptcy case, and in some instances can result in the debtor being locked up.

Answer the lawyer’s questions candidly. Some answers may be slightly uncomfortable, but to effectively represent you and provide you with sound legal advice, the lawyer needs you to put all your cards on the table.

Getting a second opinion is fine. As an informed consumer, it’s your prerogative to speak with more than one lawyer, but don’t shop around for another lawyer merely to spin a difficult situation more to your advantage, perhaps by withholding key facts.

A general practitioner or an inexperienced lawyer is not your best advocate. Look for an experienced bankruptcy attorney who practices in the bankruptcy courts ever day. That’s the kind of track record that you need for an individual bankruptcy in Wisconsin.

Finally, your friends and relatives will be very well meaning, but any final decision about filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Milwaukee should be made in close consultation with a skilled legal professional who stays on top of the bankruptcy laws in Wisconsin.

If you need to file bankruptcy, choosing the right lawyer is critical. In many cases, the simple truth is that the more experienced attorney will do a better job, which means getting you the most benefit from filing and avoiding the mistakes that someone less experienced is bound to make.