When you start to fall behind on your financial obligations, concerns with losing the services you pay for will quickly follow. You may lose your phone services, utility services, and you may even lose your home and possessions. Fortunately, there is assistance for utility shut off available to ensure that you don’t suffer in extreme weather situations.

Winter Protection Plan
The state of Wisconsin offers assistance for utility shut off through a winter protection plan. This plan has specific qualifications that must be met before you are allowed assistance. If you meet one of the following requirements, you will likely qualify for the plan.

*Are 65 or older
*Receive cash assistance from the state
*Receive food stamps
*Receive Medicaid
*Your household income is at or below 150% of poverty level

Hiring An Attorney
If you don’t qualify for the above protection, or don’t feel you meet any of the requirements, you can also hire an attorney to represent you and provide assistance for utility shut off. A lawyer will be well versed and experienced in the laws regarding utility shut offs, and can help you to avoid dealing with an inconvenient and possibly unhealthy situation if the weather is extreme. If you are falling behind on your bills, and are concerned about losing your heat during the winter, consider contacting an attorney to help you.

Assistance for utility shut off can often be found in a caring and professional attorney who can utilize state laws to keep your home comfortable during times of financial stress.