One of the things that people seem curious about when they call my office is what exactly the process all entails. Well, the very first step is to set up an appointment for a free consultation with a bankruptcy attorney. During this consultation, the attorney gets a very personalized view into your situation and can determine what can and cannot be done in terms of bankruptcy. I also provide people with a packet full of information about what is needed to file in terms of documentation and what they should do next if they would like to proceed with a filing.

After the consult, if someone does decide that he or she wants to file, then it is time for him or her to start getting together the necessary information. Certain documents, such as copies of taxes from previous years, copies of previous pay stubs, or titles to currently owned property are examples of things needed by a bankruptcy lawyer to proceed with the paperwork involved with filing. Once those documents are gathered, we have another appointment to finish the actual paperwork that is filed with the Bankruptcy Court. From there, we go over the paperwork to make any final corrections and get everything typed up. When that’s finished, we file the case.

Altogether, the process can be very quick, easy, and as painless as possible. Hiring a bankruptcy attorney helps you with that. If you opt to go forward without an attorney, you may end up finding yourself lost in the paperwork, and you may end up making a mistake that would ultimately get your case dismissed. As you can see, the process can be easy, if you choose to let it be.