A lot of people out there are looking for work, and perhaps having an individual bankruptcy in Wisconsin on their credit report may not seem like the greatest credential. One of your Wisconsin bankruptcy questions might be how would it affect, if at all, your ability to find a new job. Fortunately, under the bankruptcy code, it is illegal for employers to discriminate against job applicants or employees because they’ve filed for bankruptcy. Hiring decisions can often be subjective and take many factors into consideration, so it may be hard to prove that a worker was turned down for that one reason. To further strengthen employee rights, Wisconsin’s legislature has a bill under consideration that would add credit history to the list of discriminatory employment practices prohibited by state law. Job applicants also have certain additional rights provided by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Typically, prospective employers might run a credit check as a condition of employment if a person applies for a job as a bookkeeper, or handles cash, or some such. In general though, more employers are using pre-employment credit reports as part of the hiring process particularly if credit status is job related. One size definitely doesn’t fit all, but some HR professionals suggest that you might put your cards on the table during a job interview depending upon the circumstances. That way, a bankruptcy doesn’t pop up as a surprise in the subsequent background screen. Given the tough economic times, a prospective employer might be willing to cut a worker who has sought debt relief in Wisconsin some slack. A qualified candidate with a strong work performance history who has gone bankrupt may not act as a deal breaker, especially if the bankruptcy was prompted by reasons other than mere financial irresponsibility. Also, job applicants who have wrapped up their bankruptcy case should monitor their credit reports to make sure the information is updated. It may take a couple of months for your credit report to reflect that your various debts have been discharged in the bankruptcy process.