Utility expenses can be incredibly daunting if you let them get out of hand. It can be easy to put off the utility payments to pay other bills that seem more pertinent, but when you are left with a massive balance and suddenly it looks like the company is about to shut you off, you may find it nearly impossible to pay the balance or make arrangements to keep your electricity on or your gas running. If you are in this situation, you may want to consider the possibility of filing a joint or individual bankruptcy in Wisconsin. Utility bills can be included in a bankruptcy filing, whether you are interested in completely clearing out your unsecured debt with a Chapter 7, or if you would prefer to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Milwaukee. Utilities are often some of the most important bills that I see people struggling with the most. Consider exploring the different types of debt relief Wisconsin has to offer for you. Don’t let your electricity get shut off. Be proactive and start looking into your different options today.