Have you reached the point of no return when it comes to financial difficulties? Making the decision to file for an individual bankruptcy in Wisconsin is not to be made lightly. It’s difficult for many consumers–especially given widespread unemployment and plummeting home equity– to really come to grips with their financial picture. With that in mind, here is a list (suggested by Los Angeles attorney Christine Walton) of some warning signs that it may be time to seek counsel from a Wisconsin bankruptcy lawyer:

* You’ve emptied your entire bank account to pay bills and are considering tapping into your IRA for the same reason
* You’re using plastic to as a short-term fix, but the card balance is getting entirely out of hand
* Your rent or mortgage is seriously overdue
* Debt collectors call you more often than your own family
* You can barely pay more than the minimum payment on your outstanding debts
* You’re about to lose your car to the repo man

If these challenges sound familiar, declaring a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 in Wisconsin may perhaps be the next logical shoe to drop. Bankruptcy protection in federal court under the bankruptcy laws of Wisconsin can allow a consumer to clear a lot of debt off the books and start anew. A no-obligation candid assessment of your situation by a debt consolidation lawyer may be the first step towards much-needed debt relief in Wisconsin.