The Milwaukee Business Journal reports that an increasing number of southeastern Wisconsin real estate developers have been forced into a personal bankruptcy in Milwaukee because of Wisconsin bank foreclosures in the commercial sector. The story explains that “Developers typically provide personal guarantees on their commercial mortgages, which means banks eventually pursue the developers personally for a judgment.” In general, a developer that has signed off on a now-defaulted, huge personal note for a commercial property can seek Chapter 7 protection if the lender decides to take the matter to court.

But as we have alluded to previously, Chapter 7 isn’t just for real estate moguls or entrepreneurs that have been undermined by fading property values. For most ordinary, hardworking Wisconsin consumers facing serious financial difficulties, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Milwaukee often allows homeowners to remain in their primary residence while the case works its way through court. Exemptions that among other things protect the residence were created in order to provide debtors with the basic essentials needed to help them achieve a fresh start. And during that time, any foreclosure attempts by the lender come to a grinding halt. Perhaps you’ve been downsized out of your job and can no longer afford your high monthly mortgage payments. Protection under the bankruptcy laws of Wisconsin may be an option for obtaining needed debt relief in Wisconsin. A step in the right direction might be to obtain guidance from a debt consolidation lawyer at the initial appearance of financial distress.