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Advantages of Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Wisconsin - Bankruptcy Law Offices of Richard A. Check, S.C., Milwaukee, WI

For gaining the most advantages from Chapter 13 bankruptcy, seek professional legal help. Our bankruptcy attorneys at Bankruptcy Law Offices of Richard A. Check, S.C., based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, will carefully consider the details of your case and help you to gain the following applicable benefits of a Wisconsin Chapter 13 filing:

  • Re-scheduling secured debts. If you have a sincere wish to repay your outstanding dues on secured debts, filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy is your best choice. Our bankruptcy attorneys will work with you on rescheduling your missed dues by creating a tailored repayment plan.
  • Keeping non-exempt property. With the help of Richard A. Check bankruptcy attorneys, you will be able to save your home from foreclosure and keep other non-exempt property.
  • Protecting co-signers of debts. Unlike Chapter 7, Chapter 13 will protect the co-signers of your debts. Consult our bankruptcy attorneys for the required steps to stop the creditors from harassing your co-signers.
  • Discharging of debts, which do not qualify under Chapter 7. Student loans, tax obligations and other debts that cannot be discharged in Chapter 7 filing can be taken care of by a Wisconsin Chapter 13. Our bankruptcy attorneys will advise you regarding the most efficient ways to dispose of these debts.

As the economies of the world struggle to make ends meet, the same happens in families across the country. Nowadays, many Americans admit that financial hardship has hit their households to the level never witnessed before, making them worry about the future welfare of their loved ones. Missed mortgage or car loan payments, outstanding dues on student loans and tax obligations are some of the debts, which may seriously affect your financial stability. With your best interests in mind, our bankruptcy attorneys at Bankruptcy Law Offices of Richard A. Check, S.C. advise you not to delay addressing your financial hardships, as increasing debts can make your situation go from bad to worse. There are times when filing bankruptcy can become your best choice for relieving financial distress.

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