We heard your bankruptcy case got dismissed. Re-filing may be the answer!

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Bankruptcy help is the best help available to get people out of debt…And we don’t want you to miss out.  Others promise, but only bankruptcy delivers.  It’s important that you get RE-FILED.  Call us and…in the meantime…

  • Don’t give up!
  • Don’t assume you can’t file again…because YOU CAN*
  • Don’t assume that your plan payment will be the same
  • Don’t assume that any mishaps that happened before will happen again
  • And…don’t assume that all attorneys are the same…because they’re NOT!

Your New Chapter 13 Payment Could Be Less…A LOT LESS!

If you re-file, your new payment could be lower…and in some cases…A LOT LOWER.  Over and over, we see cases where we can lower the Chapter 13 plan payment…making it more feasible and less stressful for you to accomplish bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is ALL we do!

Your prior attorney may have been great, but the truth is that some attorneys are better than others.  Experience…and lots of it…does matter.  We have the experience!  Bankruptcy is ALL we do!

We do this stuff all day, every day, 24/7.  We know all the tricks.  We know how to present things properly.  We know the “ins” and “outs” of the bankruptcy law.  We know how to squeeze the most out of bankruptcy, to give you and your family the best chance for the fresh start you deserve.

We have helped thousands of families succeed in bankruptcy.  Chances are we can help you too.  But…there’s only one way to find out for sure.  Call us today and set up your FREE consultation: (414)-223-0000.In light of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), The Bankruptcy Law Office of Richard A Check is now offering complimentary phone consultations for those who are unable to make it into our office. You can file bankruptcy right from your home!

Why Re-File?  Nothing Puts Creditors Under Control Like Bankruptcy

 and Nothing Gets Rid of Debt Like Bankruptcy.

Wouldn’t that be nice?  To put all the creditors back under control again…and this time…get rid of them… for good, and forever?

…all those credit card payments

…all those medical bills

…any repo deficiencies

…and all those other unsecured debts

In the hands of the right attorney, it’s as simple as: “today…I owe,” and “tomorrow…I don’t.”

The truth is that with the right representation, the bankruptcy laws work like magic for people with overwhelming debts

“If You Don’t Want the Nasty Phone Calls, If You Don’t Want To Risk Losing Your Stuff…

You Need to Act Fast!”

Have you started getting the horrible phone calls again?  If not, you know it’s just a matter of time.

And…what about your stuff?  You know how the creditors are…  If they can take your stuff…like your income, your house, your car or your truckthey will.All the more reason to get re-filed…FAST.

You see, under the law, when your case got dismissed, everything that the bankruptcy laws put in place to help and protect you…came undone.  You ended up right back where you started…owing all the bills…and once again becoming a target for every creditor intent on making you pay or making you and your family suffer.

And the worst of it is…all that work done, and all that hard-earned money spent on your prior bankruptcy case… is gone.  What do you have to show for it? Nothing!  The good news is thatit may not have to stay that way.

DON’T GIVE UP!Call us!  Let us take a ‘fresh look’ at your situation.

If There Is a Way to Make Sure Your Last Bankruptcy Case Was Not a Total Waste…

We Will Find It!

Let’s do it…together…and this time…let’s get you your money’s worth.

Come see us!  You have nothing to lose. The consultation is completely FREE of charge

Besides… you already have a bankruptcy on your record.  You might as well make sure you get the benefit.

“But…Things Did Not Work Out Last Time.

How Do I Know They Will Work Out This Time?”

We wouldn’t be sending you this letter if we didn’t think we could help.

And it’s no help if we don’t figure out how to get you a Chapter 13 payment you can afford.

If there is a way to make re-filing work for you, we will find it.

But, there’s only one way to find out for sure.  Call us and set up a FREE consultation…and come meet with our attorneys face-to-face for a personal review of your financial circumstances.

We’ll roll up our sleeves and take a good, hard look at your situation.

We know what we are doing.  Bankruptcy is ALL we do!  All day, every day, 24/7.

Just keep this in mind:  If you can re-file…and if…this time…we can make filing bankruptcy work for you…you will get rid of debt.  And getting rid of debt saves your hard-earned dollars….  And…every dollar you save is a dollar more you can spend on taking care of your family.

“And this Time…We’ll Make Sure You Understand Everything.”

In our experience, the biggest problem is that clients don’t get all their questions answered and don’t fully understand bankruptcy and how it works.  That may well have been the problem in your last case. Our warm and knowledgeable staff will be there for you every step of the way to make sure things are done right!

Please Accept Our Invitation and Call Today!

We have 9 convenient locations to better serve you!

The sooner you call, the sooner we can get started on getting you back on track!

Let us help manage your financial burdens, so you can get back to living! No more debt! No more stress!

Just call (414)-223-0000 today to set up your FREE CONSULTATION.  Call any time from 8:00am to 7:00pm.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!